Jose learns how to introduce himself in Japanese with Keiko [Japanese from scratch 2]

JOSÉ APRENDE CÓMO PRESENTARSE EN JAPONÉS CON KEIKO [Japonés desde cero 2] [Aprender Japonés]
With English Subtitles

If you have just started learning Japanese, what you can’t be impatient about is practicing words or phrases. Listen to the native pronunciation and say it yourself. It is not easy. But you can’t master speaking Japanese just with a book without using your mouth! With this video you can practice with Keiko like José does.

In the chapter 2 of the [Japanese from scratch] miniseries, you can learn how to introduce yourself and how to ask and answer.

Vocabulary that appears in this video

わたし I 

あなた You


にほんじん Japanese 

かんこくじん Korean (South Korea)

スペインじん Spanish 

フランスじん French

イタリアじん Italian 

ドイツじん German 

しゅみ hobby

ダンス dance

おんがく music

はい yes

いいえ no

である verb to be

〜です(formal) verb to be positive 

〜ではありません(formal) verb to be negative 

Phrases that appear in this video

  • add a noun to where it has “____”.


Watashi wa ________desu. Anata wa?

I’m _______. And you?

  • Add the particle “no” between nouns to indicate possession.


Watashi no shumi wa __________ desu. 

My hobby is _________.

  • To ask, add the “ka” at the end of the sentence.


Anata wa _________ desu ka.

¿Are you________?


Hai. Watashi wa ___________ desu.

Yes. I am __________.


Iie. Watashi wa ________ dewa arimasen.

No. I am not  __________.