Since there are a lot of Kanji in Japanese, you don’t have much time to learn and practice normally, because learning kanji is not a priority in your busy life with thousands of things to do.

But learning Kanji is essential in Japanese, so we are going for it. In this Challenge we learn Kanji step by step during 30 chapters, with which you will have an idea of ​​how kanji work and surely you will start to enjoy the world of kanji, so curious and interesting.

Of course, writing kanji can also be an art. Kanji calligraphy is a traditional art, which the Japanese have long enjoyed.

In today’s life we ​​no longer use a brush to write Japanese, but it is still very relaxing to write, especially kanji, even with a pen or pencil. You can feel even as a therapy, to breathe in the tension that we have these days.

In this challenge, we are going to look at the structure of the kanji, how to learn and relate them to other kanji and how to read them.

Knowing kanji is important when handling the Japanese language. I tell you one thing: it is essential. Without knowing kanji, life in Japan, I’m not saying it would be hell, but it would be super inconvenient, especially if you can’t read kanji.

I’m here to scare you for your sake, but hey, it’s not impossible, you can do it if you put in efforts, that’s why I call it Challenge. And you have to do the challenge always enjoying yourself.

With a great will power, here we go!